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Well, I've been asked if I could offer my website in English. I have to say that my English language skills are perfect for survival and my vocabulary is full of IT expressions but about my hobbies.....

My dear RG - here you go - I'll try. I won't have time to translate all the content, but if you're curious... take the Google translator or learn German and we'll meet in the middle; -)

Besides an exciting job, where I can jog and train my brain cells around digitalization until my brain burns, I sometimes need a counterpole to SEO, SEA, all the statistics, articles, landing pages, and pixels. And that's exactly why I have my hobbies!

...the small everyday escape "balcony garden" - simply listen to the humming of the insects and observe the busy hustle and bustle of the bees. From spring awakening to hibernation, you can see everything "close up" and enjoy every flower with a smile on your face - pure meditation! 

Needle and thread, help me to calm down. Usually, even really crazy ideas arise from it ;-)

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